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Authentic Italian cuisine crafted with passion.
Recipes that are almost 100 years old and passed down by the Capone Family.
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Savor the flavors of Italy's past, present, and future at our restaurant, where 100 years of history are served up daily since 2021. With roots in the Capone family, our food is as authentic as it gets!
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5 Star Rating
“Some of the finest Italian food you will ever eat! Food is made with a lot of love. Better to come earlier in the day because specials and your favorites are usually sold out before closing.” -Rodney Ramos
5 Star Rating
“This place is amazing! Nick took great care of my husband and I. While waiting for our food he offered us some sausage and peppers that was amazing. He made us feel like family.” - Jessica Fenton
5 Star Rating
"An absolute delight - this place doesn't even feel like a restaurant; it feels like going to your uncle's house for a home-cooked meal. This place is tucked in the corner of a gas station and easy to miss - not something you want to miss." - Brie Chen

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