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Welcome to D'Capo's!

Our establishment has a rich history that dates back over 100 years. Our roots are deeply ingrained in Italian history and have been passed down through generations of dedicated family and friends. We take pride in using traditional family recipes and the most fresh ingredients to create a truly authentic dining experience. We invite you to come and taste the flavors of our history in every bite. Hear more about us below!

Chef Jerry's Mother's Wedding Picture

Family Roots

Our famous recipes are passed down from my mother, father, and their families. Mafalda Capone (the bride in the picture shown) taught my mother (the flower girl) how to make her Sunday gravy with neck bones, meatballs, and braciola and slow cook it for many hours until the meat falls off the neck bones. You can trust that our Italian cuisine is authentic and true to its roots. We pride ourselves with offering the authentic taste of Italy at great prices, ensuring customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

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Our Food's History

Our authentic and traditional Italian recipes date back to before the 1920s, guaranteeing great taste. With roots as deep as the Capone's family, our cuisine is sure to impress. Visit us at the corner of Belmont and Ogden, located inside the Powermart gas station. We offer both seating and take-out options.

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When You come to D'Capo's, you're Family

When you visit D'Capo's, you will be greeted by a display of photographs that capture the essence of what our food means to us: family. We cook our food with the same attention to detail as if you were one of our own family members.